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At Raymark Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. we receive service calls involving dirty coils, broken belts, and obstructed drain lines. These types of calls could have been avoided if a preventive maintenance program was in place. Dirty condenser coils can cause many problems, both immediate and long-term. It will reduce airflow, causing both higher operating temperatures and refrigerant pressures. The compressor and fan motor need this airflow to help cool the motor windings. The combination of low airflow and reduced refrigerant cooling coming back to the compressor can shorten its' life tremendously.

Belts and bearings that are not checked and maintained regularly, can cause blower problems, and lead to very costly repairs. Belts can need adjustment monthly and changing quarterly, depending on equipment usage. Bearings should be greased regularly to ensure proper lubrication. Drain lines need to be cleared regularly & the drain pans cleaned to prevent algae & mold build-up. A restricted drain ca n cause water leak age into the building, often ruining sections of the ceiling.

Talk to one of our trained professionals today about designing a maintenance program to fit your particular needs.

Our Maintenance Services Include:

  • Condenser coil cleaning
  • Checking belts and bearings
  • Belt adjustment and changing
  • Bearing lubrication
  • Clearing drain lines
  • Drain pan cleaning
  • Custom maintenance programs

Contact Raymark Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. today at 281-354-7018, or browse the website for more information on HVAC and refrigeration services.

Maintenance - Houston, TX - Raymark Air Conditioning and Heating Inc.


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